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แจ้งเรื่องส่งสินค้า (2)

Subject: Your purchase will ship today via Registered Mail / Air Mail



I have received payment for your item (Item Number: xxxxxxxxx) and it will ship today via Registered Mail / Air Mail with tracking number. The item is expected to arrive in xx to xx business days.

On receipt it will be important for you to email me to let me know it has arrived safely and that everything is in order so we can leave feedback for each other. As a way of making sure my customers are satisfied, I prefer to leave feedback on notification of safe arrival of the product.

If you have any questions about my feedback policy, guarantee or any other business matters, please kindly contact me (or please visit my Terms & Conditions Center located at:


I know there are many choices today in buying just about anything and appreciate your business and prompt attention to payment on this transaction.