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Subject: Payment reminder for eBay item #xxxxxxxx


You are the winning buyer for the test.  Thank you for your business.


Your payment for this item hasn't been received yet. If you haven't sent payment, please follow the instructions below.


Item title: xxxxxxxx

Web address: http://xxxxx.ebay.com/xxxxxxx

Item number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Buyer User ID: xxxxxxxx

Seller User ID: xxxxxxxx


Your total is:

US$ xx per item

US$ 0.00 Sales discounts (-) or charges (+)

US$ xx shipping/handling



US$ xx = Total



Please send me your postal address and payment. The following payment methods are accepted: Other, Money Order/Cashier's Cheque, Personal Cheque, COD (Cash on Delivery), PayPal, Money Transfer.


If you want to mail your payment, please send it and include a copy of this page to:


xxxxx (Recipient’s Name)

xxxxxxxxxxx (Address)

xxxxxxxxxxx (Address)


Again, thank you for your business.