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Subject: Good news. eBay item #xxxxxxxx


You are the winning buyer for the item below. Thank you for your business!


Item title: xxxxxxxx

Web address: http://xxxxx.ebay.com/xxxxxxx

Item number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Buyer User ID: xxxxxxxx

Seller User ID: xxxxxxxx


Your total is:

US$ xx per item

US$ 0.00 Sales discounts (-) or charges (+)

US$ xx shipping/handling



US$ xx = Total



Please send me your postal address and payment. The following payment methods are accepted: Other, Money Order/Cashier's Cheque, Personal Cheque, COD (Cash on Delivery), PayPal, Money Transfer.


If you want to mail your payment, please send it and include a copy of this page to:


xxxxx (Recipient’s Name)

xxxxxxxxxxx (Address)

xxxxxxxxxxx (Address)


Thank you again for your purchase.